The Victoria Festival of Life & Light




A fun yet inspirational and illuminating summer cultural festival with a serious objective showcasing the diverse life found in the Victoria area of London’s Westminster, utilising the many open spaces in this at once historic yet ultra-modern part of the thriving dynamic metropolis, infused by a glorious son et lumière around Westminster Cathedral.

It’s legal status will be a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) regulated by the UK Charity Commission, and all generated profits will be used in the alleviation of poverty.



This is a festival with two key objectives. Firstly, that of forging links between the old and the new – the inhabitants and businesses of the “old Victoria” and Pimlico areas with the denizens of the many startling new yet somewhat anonymous concrete and glass buildings, the local commerce and service providers, those that live on the street and some of the many visitors to this key part of London.

The intent is to foster understanding, kinmanship and a sense of community and well-being whilst drawing attention to the needs of the homeless and disenfranchised both locally and globally. This is the second but extremely important objective.

The focal point is Westminster Cathedral, not only a spiritual centre, but also providing a cohesive force and sense of tradition, stability and compassion to the district.


With overriding themes of unity, harmony, understanding and tolerance, it is only fitting that the festival adopts a multi-denominational approach and so invites its neighbours in Westminster (represented by Westminster Abbey) and the London Central Mosque / Islamic Cultural Centre in Regent’s Park to participate in holding certain events.


(subject to prevailing requirements and other local activities)

Fri 22 June 2018 – Sun 1 July 2018
Fri 7 Sept 2018 – Sun 16 Sep 2018

With opening & closing ceremonies / concerts (Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral) and a celebrity rock concert in one of the London parks.


FLOWERS – Beautiful displays to be positioned at many locations, such as: shopping malls, railway station and Westminster Cathedral.

WATER – Simplified reconstruction of Claude Monet’s iconic Water Lily pond and bridge on the piazza of Westminster Cathedral.

ART – Projection screens at central locations displaying various Impressionist masterpieces involving flowers and water. Plus art exhibits at several locations and explanatory talks by experts.

MUSIC – Street music representing the many cultures found in the area, and demonstrations of the Islamic musical tradition. Opening and closing concerts plus celebrity rock concert with humanitarian theme.

Opening concert to include UK premiere of “Cantata on Dante’s Vita Nuova” by Spanish-American composer Miguel Roig-Francolí . Closing concert to include a performance of Carl Nielsen’s Symphony No.5, a work representing the eternal battle between good and evil, light and dark.

TRANSFORMATION (PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT) – Opportunities for everyone to participate in various “Meditation Workshops”, demonstrations and live events of an ecumenical nature before Westminster Cathedral and Cardinal Place. Plus various workshops on related subjects throughout the week. Titled “The Power of Prayer”.

FILM – Screening of various significant films to delight and inspire the soul. Examples: “Passport to Pimlico (1949), “I, Claude Monet” (2017), “The Passion of Joan of Arc” (1928).


The festival and funds raised through its events will highlight the issue of poverty and its related aspects such as homelessness, disenfranchisement and other consequent social problems. A large proportion of funds raised will contribute towards the creation of the Outcast Foundation whose purpose is to address these issues and take action at a grass roots level through the creation of various social programs in conjunction with governments and other charitable organisations. It is intended that an initial grant will go towards the further development and activities of The Passage, the largest voluntary sector London homeless resource centre based in Victoria and a major force in combatting homelessness.


The festival will be high-profile with the participation of major organisations and persona in the world of art, music and personal development. It will offer many sponsorship opportunities. A high quality festival brochure will also be produced for sale during the period. Sponsorship opportunities will include but not be limited to:

  • Individual concerts
  • Art exhibits
  • Individual study workshops
  • Floral displays
  • Brochure production and printing
  • Advertising spots will also be available within the brochure

A fully detailed Sponsor Brochure will be produced and circulated to potentially interested parties.


The aim is to obtain patronage of a suitably high profile and stature in order to ensure attendance and recognition of the important objectives of the festival – socially, culturally and financially – and to help ensure its success not only in 2018 but hopefully also years into the future.


  • Recruitment of interested parties to form an initial committee and focus group to take the project forward
  • Creation of website to be updated with details and to provide a project management facility
  • Launch social media campaigns, newsletter and mailing list
  • The legal status will be a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) regulated by the UK Charity Commission
  • Identification of key participants
  • Identification of key sponsors
  • Creation of project committees to address: organisation/management, promotion, fundraising, liaison

Prepared by: TONY WOOD – 17 SEPTEMBER 2017

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